Jupiter solid surface countertops are the ideal material that combines practicality, durability, and elegance. They enable you to create one-of-a-kind designs.

JSS countertops are composed of high performance resins and natural minerals to enhance their appearance and performance. The consistent colors and patterns cannot wear away, giving timeless beauty.

JSS countertops are hygienic by warding off mildew, bacteria, and other harmful germs.
It’s the material of choice for residential and commercial application.


JSS can be applied on surfaces where sanitation is of most importance, such as kitchen countertops, bathroom back splashes, table top, bar top, shelves, wall covering, in hospitals, schools,banks and restaurants.

Jupiter solid surfaces offer You:

  • The massive look of ultra-modern stone Without conspicuous seams.
  • A food safe, non-porous surface that is easy to clean and maintain.
  • Great heat resistance, anti scratch, seamless countertops and back splashes.
  •  A surface that is renewable and repairable.
  • All the advantages of premium solid surface, at a surprisingly low price.
  •  A  5 year transferable product warranty.


 Custom sheet Size, Thickness, and Colors.

Regardless of the Size, Thickness, and Color of Your project, JSS can provide material to fit Your specs; our plant has the ability to create sheets with custom length, width, thickness, and color.

JSS has helped fabricators and contractors save money by reducing labor, reducing waste, and fulfilling color specification by providing custom material.

If you have a project that JSS can custom build to Your specs please contact:

Mobile: +201223163169

Our innovation

We integrated natural Quartz filler up to 20% in the composition to compete with Natural Granite property for higher scratch resistance, for use in kitchen countertops and similar applications.


Jupiter solid surface is made with a composition of Polyester modified Acrylic + Calcium Carbonate +Natural Quartz + Pigments, special effect such as chips, pearl, shell and other additives to enhance the properties.

5 Year Transferable Product Warranty

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