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Why did we name it Jupiter ?

Jupiter is the biggest planet in our solar system with elegant colors of white, yellow, brown and a significant great red spot. The most fascinating feature in Jupiter is raining Diamonds.

Due the strong gravitational force of Jupiter, it attracts and destroys comets and asteroids preventing them from crushing on inner planets like Earth.

Apart from the sun, Jupiter became the dominant figure in the solar system by earning its place on the top of the planetary heap as ” King”.

Our Factory

Jupiter Solid Surface is a start-up manufacturer of solid surfaces located in Amreya Industrial Zone- Alexandria – Egypt.

We are driven by a mission to create local man-made solid surfaces people love.
JSS is composed mainly of high performances resins and natural minerals molded and crafted in solid and dense forms in multiple colors shades and patterns.

JSS is used for indoors countertops, tables, partitions backsplash, and many applications that sanitation is of most importance.

Our Commitment to our customers is a priority, providing personal service, high quality products and a treatment full of honesty and integrity.

We are always dedicated to improve the quality of JSS that competes with famous brands of solid surfaces imported to Egypt with a surprisingly low price and guaranteed by 5 Years transferable product warranty.

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